Racing News

It's starting to look like a race car

by Chris Matters 8. October 2011 08:30

Hey guys back for more good news!  The Chassis is coming along well.  I have added some newer photos of the car in the chassis shop. Drummond Racecars is progressing along with the build.  The cage is almost done.  Still some mock up to do before it's finished. 


I have to say thanks to Double AA performance for the BAD ASS K-member!  It has  custom control arms and limiters!

RaceCraft INC is AWESOME, their spindles and caster/camber plates finish is off!  We are also using their adjustable 3rd link on the new rear.  Very high quality pieces, saving many hours of fabracation on this end as well. 

Baer Brakes are going to finish off the front and rear end. Look for the new spindle mounts on display at SEMA and PRI!!!!

Feather Carbon has some BRAND NEW parts for us.  Decklid is on the car, doors should be done next week.  Many more parts too!  Thanks so much to Tom!!!

Last but not least is HoleShot Wheels.  Marleen, these wheels are sick baby!!! New spidle mounts revolvers on the front and 15x12 double beadlocks on the rear!!

After this weeks races Steve will begin to mock up the eng and Trans.  Props to TCI for great customer service in getting my bellhousing, case and shifter  to Steve in order get the engine mock up right.


Next step is buiding a complete new 9 inch rear.   Rather then hack up the rear we had.... which is a cobra jet strange 9 inch and is for sale with extras.... we are buiding a new one, complete with floater axles in case we every want to step the car up to ODR we won't need to change anything other then the turbos and tires! 

More to come I promise.  Go check out the photos, here is a teaser!